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  string(2233) "Greetings and welcome to our wonderful page of all things NES energy! Let me introduce ourselves, we are Denny & Kat McFadden. We are have been a powerful team for 10 years now, each year learning new tools and experiencing amazing transformations together. Now we want to share what we have learned with you! But first, a little background about each of us to get to know us better and begin our beautiful friendship.

Besides being a Certified Health Coach through NES Health, Denny is a massage therapist specializing in Integrative Massage, which means he has many tools and he constructs each session around your needs of that session. He is also a Certified Life Coach through the QSCA. In Denny’s own words, “I have grown up as a bit of a gypsy and spent the first 40 years learning lessons about who I am and what I am supposed to be doing. I have absolutely fallen in love with being a body worker and life/health coach, helping people feel better and pain free. I love helping to educate my clients on how to better take care of their bodies and minds, in order to bring more of themselves to this life. This Energy4Life tool can help a person completely transform in a truly holistic way.  When we can remove the pain and discomfort in the body, the mind can then have clear sense of the energies and emotions that have been keeping them stuck.  I believe through processes and technology; we can truly take control over the human experience and live from a place of love and gratitude and live the life we are meant to live.”

Kat is a Certified Health Coach through NES Health, as well as certified Life & Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute. She is a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM for the past 12 years, with specialization in Nutrition. “Being introduced to NES Health, the infoceuticals, MiHealth and the Energy4Life platform has been thee most transformational tool that I have brought into my life! The Processes and the information that is given to you are priceless. You will not only begin to feel better as your energy fields repair, but you will also gain the knowledge to continue this new path of the healthier you. I can’t wait to help guide you through your transformation!”
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