#46 Navigating the Global Choice Point with Dave Asprey

  • Tune in for a special episode of the Energy4Life podcast, featuring Harry Massey's FULL INTERVIEW with Dave Asprey (bestselling author and founder of Bulletproof) for the upcoming Choice Point 2020 film. Hear the insightful and relevant conversation covering topics like:

    • How to navigate through the current global crisis
    • The radical approach to times of hardship that has allowed Dave to achieve great success
    • The importance of health freedom
    • How to hack your wellness
    • Using quarantine as an opportunity for growth and learning

    Read the transcript here.

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  string(10) "julespahor"
  string(3) "Mrs"
  string(5) "Jules"
  string(5) "Pahor"
  string(798) "Website: www.bioenergetichealth.com.au
Email: jules@bioenergetichealth.com.au
Mob: +61 4024 54437
I am an Alchemist, Intuitive Life Mentor, Soul Guide and Certified NES Bioenergetic practitioner.

As the Human Body-field acts as the Master Control System to regulate and integrate the Physical, Chemical, Emotional and Mental aspects of an organism, it requires a multidimensional and holistic approach for optimal health, wellbeing and empowerment.

By combining my intuition, pattern recognition abilities, advanced Alchemical Healing processes, and utilising the NES Health and Bioenergetix scanning technologies, I am able to hone in on the underlying issues effecting clients, to support them on their healing journey and/or guide on their Journey of Self Discovery and self empowerment. 

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  string(31) "jules@bioenergetichealth.com.au"
  string(12) "0402 454 437"
  string(14) "+61 402 454437"
  string(34) "Jules Pahor - Bioenergetic Health "
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