“If a human could read pulses, why couldn’t a device by using artificial intelligence?”

That’s the purpose behind The GEM, created by Harry Massey’s healthcare company, Energy 4 Life. The Gem, a wearable, gives Insight into users’ emotions and energy instantly, using 24/7 pulse readings.



Unlike other ring and wrist based wearable devices, which use accelerometers to pick up movement along with photoplethysmography (PPG), which registers a user’s heart rate & heart rate variability (hrv), our technology analyzes the entire wave of your pulse, categorizing shapes and patterns to relay information on your energy levels in real-time. 

These other devices have helped people improve their sleep, stress, and recovery from exercise, this is as far as Western heart rate and heart rate variability science and technology has gotten. It only provides a tiny fraction of the information that is contained in the pulse. In fact, the pulse has a much bigger story to tell us about our energy and overall health.

To unlock some of this information, we need to turn to Eastern medicine, especially traditional chinese medicine (TCM), which has been used for several thousands of years. TCM is based on the idea that everyone has what’s called, qi, or life energy. Qi constantly moves through our body along what’s called meridians—these are pathways, or channels, that run throughout the body. 


In TCM, the health, wellness, and ultimate healing of a patient is all about balance, harmony, and energy—making sure the qi is strong and runs smoothly and freely through every meridian and organ. Illnesses occur when something has disturbed the balance, harmony, and energy flow. This could be diet, movement, environmental toxins, stress, and even emotions. 

Pulse diagnosis is one of the most important tools TCM practitioners use to diagnose where their patient’s qi might be stuck or an underlying pattern causing disturbances that lead to illness, disease, and other symptoms. A TCM practitioner will use their fingertip to feel their patient’s pulses on both wrists to assess the quality, strength, width, and depth of the pulses. TCM categorizes about 29 different pulse types, with each one corresponding to a different vital organ.

This became our starting point at Energy 4 Life. If a human could read pulses, why couldn’t a device by using artificial intelligence? After all, it’s “only” pattern recognition that TCM practitioners are looking for when they feel their patient’s pulses. At Energy 4 Life, we knew that if we could categorize the shape and patterns in people’s pulses, we would be able to provide much more information on what was going on with energy levels and the impact that emotions have on how well we manage our vitality—much more than current wearables do based on heart rate and heart rate variability.

We knew that if we could capture the underlying patterns of disharmony through the pulses, then we could also personalize information back to the body’s energetic control system that would help restore people’s energy for life. All of which would then be reflected in the improvement of the shape and patterns of the pulses. 

If we could do this, then we could create a health revolution in how people read and restore the energy systems in their body, and move the world forward from the limitations of HRV.

Thus began an intense period where we read every research paper that we could find on TCM pulse and diagnosis

Upon which we categorized TCM pulses into 13 categories, and the math that described how to identify the categories. 

This gave us a basis from where to start in developing our technology. From here we translated TCM concepts into emotional indicators. For example frustration is related to blocked liver energy as indicated by a wiry pulse. Or Anxiety is related to blocked spleen/pancreas energy as indicated by a soggy pulse. Our team is always looking at the next developments & new studies in this field, so we stay on top of the best ways to analyze your emotions and energy.

While TCM pulse diagnosis identifies various patterns that can lead to numerous health conditions, we wanted the GEM to focus on overall energy & emotions (energetic characteristics) —regardless of what underlying health issue you may have. Plus, we knew that managing emotions was key to experiencing more energy for life, so we wanted the GEM to read the dominant emotional characteristic, and help the user transform it into its positive virtue. (e.g. courage, faith, decisiveness).

In the end, the GEM is about regaining power over your life, helping you to bring greater awareness and mindfulness to your daily experiences, thoughts, and emotions so you can make different decisions which can help give you the energy you need to live the life that you choose.

Detecting your current energy and emotional energy levels and other critical readings is the first step toward bringing you closer in touch with your physical and emotional bodies. And that’s a bonus with the GEM. It helps awaken a deeper awareness between you and your body. You’ll begin noticing how you really feel, your energy levels, moods, and how certain activities, experiences, and people recharge or drain your body battery.

This insight into your life and lifestyles can help free you from feeling like a slave to your emotions. It can help you clearly identify what certain emotions feel like and what events and experiences might trigger them. Over time, you’ll start to see other trends emerging like your sleep quality and movement, and how those experiences also connect to your overall energy score and emotional energy.



Correct & Protect

Using the mind’s  powerful ability to regenerate & retrain emotional energy, the GEM  uses haptic & electromagnetic biosignatures to train the body to provoke a conditioned response from using the GEM’s biosignatures.

This leads us to the beauty and power of what we can do with modern technology.

The GEM’s technology  creates a  stimulus for the body that creates a conditioned response. The GEM uses haptic and electromagnetic feedback to create a unique conditioned response for each state we want to condition.

Through the skin’s nerve receptors it communicates different biosignatures to the body’s autonomic nervous system to improve your energy, emotions, stress resilience & overall vitality. 

Additionally when you listen to the recommended meditations repeatedly, the autonomic nervous system  learns a conditioned response from the biosignatures, increasing  the body’s ability from using the GEM alone to correct habits that previously drained your energy, created negative emotions & stress. 

As you increase the power of this association over time, you strengthen the power of the mind-body connection, bringing the power of guided meditations into your everyday life to balance energy, improve emotions, increase resilience and  vitality.