Entrepreneur Harry Massey developing GEM Wearable Device

Harry Massey’s lifelong goal to detect, correct and protect human energy has led to the creation of Energy4Life, a GEM wearable device.


Massey, who spent nearly a decade suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome after an ice climbing accident, has channeled his challenges into multiple healthcare companies focused on bioenergetics – the biology of energy in living systems – including the latest, Energy4Life.

“I’ve been thinking about this for more than 20 years. Energy4Life has raised $2 million out of its initial $5 million raise” stated Massey, wo added he’s preparing to launch the GEM wearable in October 2023.

Energy4Life’s board includes Professor Hemal Patel, Vice-Chair of Medical Research at University of California at San Diego. Studies led by Patel have shown the technology is able to increase mitochondrial density by up to 50% and protect mitochondria from reactive oxygen species damage by up to 67%, implying cellular oxidative stress reduction. Further studies are being conducted on its ability to aid energy & emotional management, reduce stress and improve sleep and energy when needed. The board also includes Investor Kitty Stoneburner, and the President of Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Marcello Anzalone.


“Our body of work is in researching the field-based control system of the body, versus the well researched chemical-based one,” Massey said.

“This research sits on top of giants like Albert Einstein – the field is the sole governing force of the particle – and Professor Fritz-Albert Popp who researched biophoton emission and communication in the body.”

Energy4Life’s wearable detects users’ physical and emotional energy through their pulse, and then corrects energy in real time by providing researched photon based biosignatures through the wearable device. The protection of energy is delivered through in-app personalized meditations and biofeedback. Massey said bioenergetics is “going to revolutionise medicine by making it costs less, create less side effects and, most importantly, be more effective than chemistry-based solutions.”

According to a survey by the American Psychology Association: 79 percent of employees said they experienced work-related stress, and 44 percent reported physical fatigue—a 38 percent increase since 2019.

In addition, when it comes to Millennials, the largest adult population, The Shaklee U.S. Health and Wellness Study found that since the pandemic began: 60 percent are concerned they may have “permanently low energy levels”; and 65 percent report that “stress is getting in the way of my happiness, success, and overall fulfillment in other areas of my life.”

Massey discovered his own complete lack of energy began after an ice climbing fall when he was 21. After many chemistry based medicine attempts to regain energy failed, Massey would discover bioenergetics, propelling him to mail a letter to the leading professor in the field, Peter Fraser.

In the following years, Massey admitted he essentially was Fraser’s “guinea pig” with his experiments. The pair started a bioenergenetic company for practitioners called NES Health that now has helped more than 150,000 people regain their energy.



“When I started, wearable devices and the technology to create something like Energy4Life didn’t exist, but now technology has caught up, with the GEM wearable being a way to help people with a low to no barrier entry to overcome chronic fatigue like I did,” Massey added.

Massey says he “wants the GEM wearable to showcase the life-altering effects of bioenergenetics and a movement in the world, where our environment is set up for our body to heal, our minds to calm down and our spirits to shine.”

“Our mission of restoring humanity’s energy for life extends beyond our lifetimes until the day bioenergetics becomes a conscious choice for everyone,” Massey said.

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