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NES Science Made Simple with Steve: NES Practitioner Success Series #11 (July 23, 2020)

  • This is a replay of a webinar that already occurred.

    In this webinar, NES Health Head of Training & Education, Steve McCardell, is featured in the weekly NES Practitioner Success Series. Dean will be back every Thursday for an hour-long interactive webinar with NES Practitioners like you.

    This week's topic:

    • NES Science Made Simple
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    Resources from today's presentation:

    1. Click here for a summary/to download the deck.
    2. Here's a little follow-up information on finding Energy4Life resouces for your clients; there are four ways to get them a free book (especially those that want to learn more about the science):
      1. Use the Portal feature "Send a Gift" to send the free digital Energy4Life book to your clients with a personal message! 
      2. have them fill out this form to receive it.
      3. Download a copy yourself and email it to them.
      4. Or order physical copies of the book and give out as you seem fit.
        *No matter what way you get it to them, a free message is always helpful!

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