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Journey Through The Matrix | All Tracks

  • 1. Journey Through Matrix | Reconnection 

    This song takes you out of the fog into a reconnection to source and heart through the use of two cello tracks.  

    2. Journey Through Matrix | Good Grief 

    This epic tune is about releasing grief.  Use it for releasing whatever grief you might have.  The song builds  to a powerful crescendo to empower you as you release the grief.

    3. Journey Through Matrix |  Overcoming Fear 

    This song takes you out of the state of fear into a state of confidence and assuredness.  The high frequencies of Tibetan bowls and crickets aid in breaking up the fear.

    4. Journey Through Matrix | Heart 

    This songs soars into the heights of love of the heart, then comes back down to the peace within the heart.

    5.  Journey Through Matrix | Imprinter 

    This song is about activation with heart. This song is about the energy of happiness.

    6.  Journey Through Matrix | Matrix Restore

    Floating through the matrix within the body.

    7. Journey Through Matrix | Chakra Star

    We resonate through each chakra.  We spend one minute on each chakra and use a tingsha bell to signify the transition from one chakra to the next.

    8.  Journey Through Matrix | Energetic Star, Memory

    The first half (Energetic Star) is about the breath. As we breathe in we reach for the stars; As we breathe out we relax. Memory begins with the whales who hold the ancient memories, then breaks into a faster tempo activating the memory. We’ve added binaural beats in Alpha to also activate the memory.

    9.  Journey Through Matrix | Calm Mind 

    This song is about the stillness of  mind.vWe’ve included binaural beats in deep Delta to entrain you into a deep state of Meditation.

    10. Journey Through Matrix | Harmonize Emotions 

    We float through the muddy world of emotions using effects that turn the music inside out. We then slowly transform the emotions into harmonized clarity.

    11. Journey Through Matrix | Lucky 

    We rise to the magic of the lucky moment.

    12. Journey Through Matrix | Enlightenment 

    The road to enlightenment begins with peace and the breath. We take you from this peace and breathe into the Light.  Binaural Beats entrain you from Alpha to Theta to deep Delta.

    Start the video below, to enjoy the imprinted sound track